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Privacy Statement Dec 15, 2016

GSW is committed to respecting and preserving the privacy of all customer information. The information on this site is collected by GSW and stored on secure servers. Only authorized employees of GSW and systems support employees will have access to the information we collect on this web site. Please contact GSW if you would like to review your information.

The information you supply to the GSW e-commerce server is protected by Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption. We use firewall technology and other internal security systems to prevent “hackers” from gaining unauthorized access to any servers. We do not retain the credit or debit card information you supply during an online payment transaction. Rather, a unique transaction number is received from Authorized.Net and stored by GSW for each online transaction.

All transaction information is digitally encrypted and sent to Authorize.Net, where it is relayed via secure networks to a credit card processing company. The credit card processing company verifies the transaction with the credit card company and transfers the specified funds from the VISA or MasterCard lender to the banking merchant account established for online payments.

The information collected on this web site is not sold or supplied commercially.

Information required for the credit card transaction is stored by Authorize.Net, the credit card processing company, and your credit card company with strict policies for protecting privacy and maintaining security. GSW encourages you to read the privacy statement that appears on the Authorize.Net privacy statement as well. Our Internet link with Authorize.Net is protected by the encryption that was described above. The process during a transaction whereby Authorize.Net, the credit card processing company, and your credit card company store information is similar to the process and information stored any time you use your credit card.